23 Dec

Growth Mindset Hack #7 – Commitment, Passion, Perseverance (CPP)

We are approaching a new decade.

Reflect on the last decade for a few minutes.

I think I could safely bet that there were a lot of highs, a lot of lows, and a lot of in between moments – am I right? That’s called life. When you reflect though, also reflect on how you perceived those moments throughout the last 10 years. Did you find the low moments as times to beat yourself up or as times to lift yourself up? Did you find faults in your achievements or did you celebrate your achievements? Your life experience very much depends on your perception and your perception very much depends on your mindset.

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing with you my 10 ways to develop or create a growth mindset. Let’s review:

Hack #1 – Make a decision

Hack #2 – Set some goals

Hack #3 – Get an accountability partner

Hack #4 – Self Talk & Beliefs

Hack #5 – Create & Execute a plan

Hack #6 – Visualize

Hack #7 – CPP – Commitment, Passion, Perseverance

In anything in life, whether it be relationships, career, self-improvement – you will need to be committed to the end goal because situations will come up to make you want to give up and abandon the goal. However, if you are committed, you are more likely to finish.

Being passionate about your goals and self-improvement is important because when the harder times come it is very easy to say “I quit”. But if you know your reasons for doing what you are doing, your passion will help drive you forward. BUT, passion will only take you so far.

You must be perseverant. I was told by a successful business person that it does not really matter what you know, who you know, or what resources you have or do not have. In order for your business (in this case your goals) to be a success, you must persevere. You must determine what your goal is, focus on it, and go for it with an attitude that no matter what happens – you are not giving up.

The combination of Committment + Passion + Perseverance will give you Success. Success helps provide you with confidence. Confidence helps provide you with an open mind to possibilities. An open mind provides you with the ability to grow. You totally can do this. I believe in you.

Next Steps:

  1. When looking at your goals, reflect and write out the reasons for wanting to achieve the goal. How will achievement of the goal/achievement of a growth mindset, support you in your life? How will it improve your life experience? Answering these questions and writing them down, will support you to keep moving forward.
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You got this! Slay Your Day!

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