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From the time we are born we are growing and learning. As infants it seems we grow and learn at an extraordinary rate. Then as children and teenagers, we continue that growth. And finally, as adults, it seems we stop growing – at least physiologically speaking. But the kind of growth I want to reflect on is not physical – it’s mental. It’s the kind of growth that helps determine our level of success in life and – believe it or not – it’s a choice. It is called having a growth mindset.

What is a growth mindset? I’m glad you asked!

The concepts of growth mindset and fixed mindset were originally developed through the research of psychologist, Carol Dweck. She wrote that: “In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment,”

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Whereas when you have a fixed mindset, you believe that your achievements are based on your talent. You spend your time believing that your basic qualities are fixed traits. When you do not get the result you want, you quit as opposed to working on what went wrong and working to improve on it. For a more “fullsome” explanation of growth and fixed mindset, please check out this article: https://www.edglossary.org/growth-mindset/

Now, you may be wondering “So, Jen, what’s your point? What are you trying to tell us about growth and fixed mindset?”

Another really good question!

We are approaching the last 5 weeks of 2019. We are entering into a whole new decade! Do you remember when we were getting excited and REALLY nervous about going into the year 2000? How many of you stocked up on water and food waiting for disaster?

haha But back to the point – as a therapist and life coach, it is my goal to impact the lives of those within my circle of influence. If you are reading this, you have entered the circle!

For the rest of this year, I am going to provide 10 ways to develop or create a growth mindset. These strategies have been researched and proven to work. I myself have used them and I offer them to my clients as strategies to use. Trust me when I say, they are effective. The reason I am providing you with 10 is so that you have choice. Choose which 1 or 2 you will implement first. Get good at them. Then add 1 or 2 more.

You want to create a place where the ideas I share with you are like seeds that are being planted and will grow. So keep an open mind, get ready, and let’s do this!

I believe in you. You got this!

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