21 Mar

Answer me this…

What’s the difference between joy and happiness?  I’m talking pure joy and pure happiness.  This was one of the topics of discussion in my leadership group meeting Sunday morning.  One of the participants said that to be happy is dependant on what’s going on around you.  If the circumstances around you are dismal, you feel sad.  If they are good, you feel happy.  Makes sense right?  But joy, now to feel joy down deep in your soul is something different.  Feeling joy on the inside is not dependent on what is going on around you.  Feeling joy or being joyful is just a state of being.  It’s being content and knowing where your strength comes from.  Now, I’m not a preacher, but I am a Christian (and don’t apologize or hide it from anyone.  All my brothas and sistas say whoop whoop!! – who said Christians can’t be cool – lol).  As a Christian we’re taught that we get our strength from the joy of God.  When you really comprehend that you can’t help but be joyful because you know without a shadow of a doubt that whatever is going on around you can’t last.  It has to pass and so although you may feel sad, you’ve got that joy on the inside that can’t be stolen away.

Photo credit - Jasmina Photography
Photo credit – Jasmina Photography

So here’s another question for you.  Where do you find your strength?  Where do you feel your joy?  Take a moment and think about it.  Whatever the answer, do more of it, get more of it, be more of it!  Unless of course it is something unhealthy, then maybe do something else.  I don’t want to be responsible for a bunch of people doing something crazy first thing Monday morning – lol.  But in all seriousness, find that inner joy that we all have and feed it.  Feed it with good books, good videos, good music, good friends.  Meditate and/or pray daily – spend time alone and just be.  Simply just be.  Even if it is only for five minutes or on your commute to work.  Just be.  You have so much to offer this world that it excites me to know that you are going to come into your own and show the world your unique, talented, and awesome self.  I believe it.  Do you?!

If you want some help or support along your journey of simply just being joyful, contact me at Email: info@jenslay.com; twitter:  @jenslayvision; fb: www.facebook.com/jenslayvisionary.  I would love to come on the journey with you or I can link you with someone who would be the best fit for you.  In the meantime, be joyful my friend.  You are so amazing!

Believing in you,

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