Workshops & Group Coaching

Finesse Your Soul:

As creator of “Finesse” Jennifer has developed an innovative coaching program whose mission is to connect a women’s inner soul to her outer beauty while creating an online support system with women from various parts of the world.  Using the principles of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and good old fashioned Real Talk, this online community works together to achieve results.   With a Master’s in Social Work and nearly two decades of experience working in various parts of the community, Jennifer has worked with hundreds of women to create a more confident style and a more content soul.  The goal is to provide women with the tools they need to create a strategy that will encourage them to finesse their lives.  As the author of Finesse Your Life – Mind, Body, and Spirit,  and co-producer of Get Glam’d – an online program showcasing a total makeover, Jennifer showcases how mind, body, and spirit work together to create the ultimate package – YOU.

Diva by Design:

diva by Design is one of Jennifer’s offerings with her business partner, Rita Perepelitsky of Pink Ink. This one day workshop was designed to focus on women’s image and styling. Specifically, they discuss proper makeup application, clothing choices to suit your body and style, hairstyles to suit your face shape, self-confidence, how to enhance your image and so much more. Jennifer and Rita say that “A true Pink Ink Diva will know herself, believe in herself, understand herself, and love herself. This workshop has been a phenomenal hit with workshops provided throughout the province of Ontario.

When Good is Not Good Enough:

Moving from the stagnant pond to the moving river – strategies for success.  With nearly 20 years invested in the social service sector, Jennifer has helped people transform themselves by breaking through the rough patches and discovering how to thrive and reignite their love for their work within the helping profession.  She has analyzed what makes one a survivor within the helping field, and having been one of the lucky few to be a survivor –  she has developed a program that all within the field must attend.  From learning about your personality type to your communication style, to your personal presentation style, Jennifer will engage your staff to not only do their jobs well but enjoy the job while they do it.