Want to Thrive?


Jen Slay (me) wants to introduce an event for you to enhance your thriving abilities!

Introducing The Thrive Academy: a new way to Thrive!

“According to research, the two factors that effectively help people achieve the behavior change they desire are incentives and accountability.” ~ The Mission Podcasts

For those of you who were not aware, I have a sister company called Thrive Experts.  The focus is to help individuals and businesses thrive in their current situations – despite their current conditions.  Over my time as a counselor, a coach and now as a Thrive Expert, I have heard hundreds of excuses (reasons) for why goals have not been met.  Th most common complaints have been:

I have no time.

I can’t afford it.

I don’t know how.

I am missing the support I need to ____.

I am stuck.

Have you ever said any of these? Odds are you have.  Don’t worry though – you are not alone.  I have said some of these statements myself!

However, if you know me then you know I am a woman who will find a solution to the problem.  The solution is The Thrive Academy.

With an investment of $25 per week and 30 minutes of your time per week, the Thrive Experts will provide you with weekly educational strategy sessions and accountability partners that will help move you forward and get results.

Cool right?

It is time to focus on the right tasks whether in business, relationships, finances or life in general.

The Thrive Academy is your solution.

The time is now.

Join us EVERY Monday at 8 AM EST beginning Nov 5, 2018.

Recordings Available on demand to paid participants.

Take action. Secure your spot. Click here. > https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr

Operate above the line.

Live Life Better Than Good.

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