We all have a voice in our head that can be used to encourage and push ourselves forward. It can motivate us and provide us with daily reminders of just how wonderfully unique we are – every single one of us.  It’s too bad that this  ‘good’ voice is not the normal experience for many of us.  In fact, that inner voice can be our worst critic, or as I call it – an inner bully.
A bully uses manipulation and fear to taunt us into doing or not doing something.  A bully will tease and put us down in an effort to damage our spirit and make us feel low.  Well, let’s think about the inner bully for a moment.  The inner bully is loudest when we want to take a step towards trying something new – am I right?  When we take a step outside of the our comfort zone the bully reminds us of our short comings and tries to dissuade us from improving ourselves.
Why do you think this happens?
Well, the inner bully likes the status quo – it likes things just the way they are.  the inner bully would prefer for things to stay the way they are and not change.  It likes predictable because it is manageable and there is no risk.  In essence the bully manipulates us into not trying or pursuing something new by using our fears and inaction against us.
How is this working for you?  For me – IT SUCKED!
My bully became a roaring megaphone in my head during the most challenging times in my life to the point where I literally wanted to fall asleep and not wake up – seriously.
How did I learn to control it and manage it?  I’d love to share that with you.
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