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For TWO YEARS I’ve wanted to start this podcast called In Conversation with Jen Slay where I interview and highlight individuals from all over the world who have gone through significant challenges or who are helping to support people who are going through significant challenges.  As you know, my passion is to provide you the tools you need to live your life bigger and better than you could ever imagine.  This is but one way.


Tonight will be our fourth In Conversation episode!  So excited.  Let me tell you a little bit about our guests tonight.

Delizioso are comprised of two young women who are chemists, entrepreneurs and rock stars.  Hmmmmmm?  Check out their bio:

A story of two sisters that discovered the amount of toxic sludge that goes into cosmetics tremendously affects our health. So they decided to change the world of cosmetics and skincare and create a line of all the products that you would ever need. It took a few years of intense research and testing but these products had to be tested, water free, 100% natural, FRESH, raw and truly the definition of purity and luxury.
From the very start Delizioso Skincare sourced their ingredients from beautiful small fair trade farms all over the world. Everything is undiluted and genuine. Including the very unique ingredients that Delizioso Skincare has developed. The products are made to work, be healthy, and luxurious. These genuine fresh treasures are made for you.
European based knowledge of skincare and manufacturing techniques assisted Delizioso to create a line that signifies luxury at its best standards. The best modern scientific testing is brought forth. The most fresh herbs and ingredients are used, freshly grown in the company’s fields. For example: Bulgarian Rose oil, hand picked in Bulgaria yields the pure oil that is incorporated in the exquisite face creams. Just open a jar of Delizioso Skincare and you will immediately an effective and delicious product that harnesses the very power of nature at your fingertips.
How are we different from any other natural skin care lines?
So many natural skin care products are diluted with water and contain very low amounts of actives. Delizioso Skincare prides in never having to dilute our natural skincare. We carry a line of skincare like no other; containing active and biodynamic molecules in every ounce of product. From shower gels to facial creams, your skin will receive extreme nourishment and the highest quality delivery system of antioxidants. Delizioso Skincare is the only company in the world that incorporates our potent anti-oxidant complex in every single formulation. The complex formulated from raw botanicals and fruit oils derivates works to preserve our formulations and increase skin smoothing effects. Asides from that, many of our scents are specially formulated to provide you with a line of natural bath & body care with delicious and natural aromas like passion fruit and pomegranate. Completely original and unique, Delizioso Skincare provides luxurious spa quality natural skincare with outstanding effects on skin.
Our philosophy ‘natural made simple’ is actually quite simple. All our products contain 100% natural, pure, and many certified organic ingredients. Our formulations include the purest essential oils, preserving the products with a natural antioxidant preservative. Being the only company to use a preservative based on essential and plant derivates, Delizioso Skincare prides in being 100% Paraben and synthetic free.
We started our mission in the year of 2008, when our very first formulation was prepared. Environment was always a reason Delizioso Skincare started to prepare natural yet delicious formulations, and bath body products. Another achievement we pride is being 100% cruelty free. We all love our cuddly pets here, and nothing will make us test our products on beings that deserve a right to live. Being that we use only 100% Natural ingredients there are no reasons for us to test on animals. One small hint is even if a company says that they do not test on animals and if their products contain synthetic ingredients, chances are they do. All synthetic ingredients get tested on animals to see whether they are carcinogens and toxic to our health.  Enjoy your stay with us, and our products as much as you enjoy living in a healthy atmosphere!
Ingredients are always fully disclosed…
Paraben Free
Alcohol & Chlorine Free
Petrochemical Free
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Fragrance Free
Formaldehyde Free
Pesticide Free
“We love to make women beautiful using the purest all natural products and ingredients.
Our goal is to bring beauty to everyone.”
Ariel + Leeona Emerald, Delizioso Skincare Founders
We are going to have a lot of fun tonight!  Join us at 6:30pm EST –









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