Being an Adult is…You Finish the Sentence

What is your coping technique?  When things happen that get you down how do you cope?  I’m really wondering.  When a relationship ends, or a friend hurts you – what do you do?  When a business deal falls through or your kids do something to frustrate the h#@& out of you – what do you do?  Ladies, when you go in the closet and find that nothing fits anymore – what do you do?  It’s during these times that you really find out if you are the glass half full or glass half empty type of person.

photo credit: Jasmina Photography
photo credit: Jasmina Photography

I’ve been through quite a bit of stuff in my 40+ years on this planet.  Not all bad of course, mostly really good!  Yes, I’ve been through a divorce, went through a few years of incredible financial hardship, had love ones pass away, and I have had to walk away from certain friendships.  I’ve also been through times of feeling rejected, stabbed in the back, and plans fall through!  Being an adult can be so hard! However, I believe that I was able to get through because of two things:

1.   My belief in God.  I believe that if He’s got my back I will survive anything.  Crappy things are going to happen but I will always come out on top – and I have each and every time.  What I mean by that is that despite some pretty horrible things happening in my life, when I get through them and look back on it, I am stronger, wiser, and calmer which makes me better, more understanding, and increases my ability to help others.  I can then focus on the good in my life – three healthy kids, incredible educational opportunities, AMAZING friends, PHENOMENAL family – and the list goes on.

2. My belief that change is constant.  The one guarantee in this life, according to scientists, is that change is constant.  Nothing can stay the same.  Do you realize that whatever is going on in your life right now will change?  Whatever crappy situation you are in – it will change.  Whatever good situation you are in – it will change (for the better we hope!).  Everything changes.

So when I’m faced with a difficult situation or a difficult person I pray and I thank God that the situation will change in my favor.  AND I’m grateful for the difficulty.  Weird right?  Being grateful to be in a bad situation?  The reason I’m grateful though is because whatever lesson it is I have to learn will only benefit me and those around me.  Being open to learning the lesson is vital to growth.  Think of the beautiful sunflower.  The seed is planted deep in the ground, it needs some nurturing, then it has to fight it’s way out to the light and grow despite the rain, wind, and other pests that encounter it.  But the plant is focused on growing towards the light.  It’s purpose is to feed, nurture, and provide beauty to the Earth.  It can grow to over eight feet tall! Do you get the analogy?


You, my friend. are that seed.  You are planted in whatever situation you find yourself in and require nurturing to grow (taking care of yourself, reading books, gathering knowledge, feeding your soul).  As you are being nurtured and as you develop a sense of your purpose, you then must make a decision.  Are you going to grow towards the light (live your purpose).  Stay focused on your goal and just keep growing towards it.  Despite the pressures you may feel or circumstances you find yourself in (wind, rain, pests) if you stay focused YOU WILL fulfil your goal and YOU WILL be a beautiful and significant presence on this Earth – just like the flower.

photo credit: Jasmina Photography
photo credit: Jasmina Photography

So my question again to you – what do you do or what are your coping mechanisms when you face difficulties?  Please share your answer so your message can encourage others.  I thank all of you for stopping by and taking a few minutes to share in my thoughts.  It is truly appreciated.

P.S.  I love hearing from you!  Shoot me a line anytime!


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