Living Your Truth

When you hear the phrase “Live your truth” what does that mean to you?  For me, it means being your authentic self no matter what other people may think, say, or do.  But what happens when you don’t really know who you are anymore?  What happens when you have lived your life being who you are expected to be and doing for others that you no longer know who you actually are?  It’s weird to think that you don’t know yourself but so many of us do just that – walk around like we got it all together when in actuality we don’t even know who we are!

The other day I asked a client, what are things that you like to do?  What puts a smile on your face?  After some thought the response was – “I don’t know”.  See, she had spent so much time doing and achieving that the time to simply just be was lost resulting in her no longer knowing the basics of herself.  And she’s not alone.  I remember a friend of mine asking me the same question a while back and I could not answer him.  I could not say what I enjoyed doing.  You would think it would be an easy question to answer and the answer would come as easy as it is to breathe air.  But no, not for all of us.  So while we think we are being authentic and living in our truth, we are actually living in the truths of others because we don’t know what our own truths are.  Hmmmm…

This is not to shame anyone or point fingers.  In fact, the point of this is to get you thinking about who you are and who you want to be.  My personal strength is helping people to ask themselves the hard questions to get them to face the reality of who they are.  Then I help and support them to continue to be who they are if they choose, but more often their choice is that I  help and support them to become who they want to be – a person of purpose, a person who serves, a person who is genuinely happy from the inside.  Please keep in mind that feeling happy and being happy are two different things.  I help you to BE happy.  It’s a journey but it’s a good journey to be on.

Now, in any journey that we go on, it is so important to equip ourselves with the right travel tools.  If you’re going on a hike maybe you need sunscreen?  Maybe you need snacks and drinks?  Maybe you need a map?  Well, when we are going on a journey of self-discovery many of us will need some support and it is really important to know where that support is coming from.  I’m an advocate of coaches and counselors.  I believe they can help guide and navigate through some of the rough patches whether it be in our life, our business, or whatever else you may need some support to achieve the level of success that you want. To find the right coach/counselor for you, there are some questions that you should ask and maybe even some research to do.  Check out the video below to understand why a coach is valuable and more importantly, what to look for in the right coach for you!

Thank you to Jenna Goodhand for joining me to help you determine why you may need a coach and what to look for in a coach.

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