Jennifer Slay is loving, determined, trusting, professional, classy, smart, reliable, spiritual, giving, and genuine. Did I mention beautiful?

Rita Perepelitsky Co-founder of Pink Ink Human Resource Manager January 28, 2016

Jennifer Slay will take your audience on a journey. With her kind and engaging voice, her stories of strength and her engaging presence, your audience will think, believe and move toward goals and hopes for their future. Jennifer can raise energy and build confidence with her topics of motivation and inspiration. Don't miss an opportunity to book the speaker that will leave your audience wanting to be more and do more in their lives. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your stories to help us understand our stories.

Sarah Hilton CEO and Founder of Stressed Out Solutions CEO and Founder of Spoken Advantage January 28, 2016

My introductory work with Jennifer has been pinnacle to gaining the momentum I needed to set myself to task and create authentic goals and strategies. Jennifer's willingness to accommodate my schedule and lifestyle has made all the difference in setting the stage to achieve new professional and personal milestones for both my emanate and long-term future

S. January 28, 2016

Jennifer cares for her clients, and her audience. I highly recommend Jennifer as your next Life Coach, or speaker for your event. Be prepared to be challenges, supported and move forward on your goals both personal and professional.

Sarah Hilton March 29, 2016

Jennifer Slay is a compassionate and driven women's empowerment coach who has a mission to make the world a better place. Her energy and enthusiasm to build confidence, increase self worth and to empower woman to finesse their soul and style their life is what makes Jennifer a success story and more importantly what makes her mission so worthwhile.

Paula Morand Author, Bold Courage: How Owning Your Awesome Changes Everything July 15, 2016

Jennifer has been an absolute blessing helping me get organized with my goals not just for my personal life before my business as well. It's been great to have that accountability making sure that I'm following through on what I say I'm going to do and what I want to do in doing this it helps to ensure that I'm reaching my goals quickly and efficiently and then I'm staying on Target and on track for each of them. I can honestly say that it's been positive in every aspect and would recommend it for everyone. I love knowing that I'm more likely to reach all of my goals and would have been able to do this without your help.

July 15, 2016

My name is Tina Washington of Flipped Kouture and I want to share the great experiences I have had and is still having with Jennifer as my life coach. I will first start by saying that I was one who thought all that was not needed to succeed however with much research into the main people I admired and wanted to mimic who I want to follow in there step I found that they all had a life coach  So, in planning to move forward in my life i was blessed to have encountered Jennifer and her awesome services and helping me to first create a system that would work best for me.Next, she made the time to listen to all of my issues, concerns and challenges and after hearing all of that she crafted an agenda that was a perfect fit for me however it did not end there, she continued to follow up with me even when my schedule was crazy and super busy to make sure I and we were on point with what we had originally laid out as my goals. I and very grateful to her and her wonderful talents through her services as my personal life coach.

Tina Washington Flipped Kouture July 15, 2016