13 Jun

Cry Baby!

You know, crying is a good coping mechanism.  Truly it is!  Guys, don’t turn away – you want to read this too. We have been socialized to think that crying is a “sissy” thing to do.  I know a number of
08 Jun

Use Style Power!

What is the key to being in style (or at least one of the keys)?  CONFIDENCE!!  A woman with confidence can rock an outfit that is outdated and be easily forgiven – lol.  But just as important as confidence is to styling
30 May

What if?

You ever ask yourself “What if…?”  What if I had moved to “x” city?  What if?  What if I had followed “x” dream? What if?  Would my life be better now?  Maybe I would have realized my dream.  Maybe I would have been
27 May

Deal with it!!

I’m reading this book about your EQ  not to be confused with your IQ (EQ is your emotional intelligence).  The book talks about being aware of your emotions and how you manage them.  It discusses specifically being self aware, being