Keynote: When Good just isn’t Good Enough

Jennifer’s ability to connect with her audience – whether an audience of 10 or an audience of 400 is captivating and exciting. Her style is unique in that you feel connected to her stories and leave feeling as though you have been friends for a lifetime. Jennifer has a way of getting you to connect with your soul, and helps motivate you to take the first step in making the changes you need to make to live the life you want to live. Her Keynote, When Good just isn’t Good Enough allows the audience to leave the talk with an initial plan for success. Jennifer has said “I want to be the people’s practical speaker. I’ve been to so many motivational talks where I feel great at the end but when I sit down to do the work to implement change, I have no idea where to start! I want you to know exactly what you need to do next after you leave our time together.”

Exciting, creative, charming, and charismatic – Jennifer will take your audience on the journey of their lives.

Keynote – Right Here.  Right Now.

Jennifer Slay is a women’s empowerment coach and the creator of “Finesse”, an innovative program whose mission is to connect a women’s inner soul to her outer beauty.  With a Master’s in Social Work as well as the Co-Founder of Pink Ink Image and Styling company, Jennifer has worked with hundreds of women to create a more confident style and a more content soul.  The Pink Ink brand includes its own makeup line and a trendy approach to image  styling on any budget. Jennifer’s personal ethos is to engage women in a more meaningful and deeper sense of self and to show them how to overcome their own barriers to truly love who they are – right here, right now. As the author of Finesse Your Life – Mind, Body, and Spirit, producer of “Jen’s Top Ten” series and also producer of the online video interview series “Finesse”, Jennifer showcases her own wisdom, sense of humor, and love for the human spirit as she shares the success stories of other women who know how to finesse their soul and invigorate their lives right where they are.