Jen Slay – Motivational Speaker

As a multi-award-winning speaker as well as the recipient of the prestigious Queen Elizabeth the II Diamond Jubilee Medal for her community work, Jennifer Slay is a memorable, entertaining and dynamic speaker. She has spoken for several educational institutions, small businesses, companies and service clubs like Western University, TD Canada Trust and Kiwanis to name a few. With a world class speaking format, your audience will laugh, cry, think and take action on everything “SLAY”.

Jennifer has two bachelors and a Masters degree. She is a certified trainer of Extended DiSC and trained in EMDR therapy. She has spent two decades speaking, coaching, and counselling to support people in achieving successful outcomes in their personal lives, careers and community work.

Happy to the Core

Jen’s Happy to the Core message is designed to support individuals who are asking themselves common life questions such as “What’s next?”; “Is this it?” and/or “How can I move forward from where I am?”. The goal of this discourse is to help guide individual(s) into their sacred space unifying the mind, body and spirit connectors that ultimately leads to a fulfilled/balanced life.

Jennifer Slay uses humor, personal experiences from her 20yr career, and interacts with audience members to drive home the fact – that once we become aware of who we truly are and accept where we are in life, then we can make informed decisions as to where to go next.  Slay ‘s hope is for audience members to experience a more meaningful and deeper sense of self-awareness during their time together as she provides them with strategies to overcome their own barriers to truly love who they are right where they are.

Slay provides each participant with an opportunity to create a starting plan for reaching their goals within the talk by providing hand out materials and a copy of her book, Finesse Your Life – Mind, Body, & Spirit.

Slay Your Inner Bully

What is one of the most popular questions in the world? Why me? Many of us want to know how to create change in our lives, especially when we are feeling dissatisfied or want more out of our life.  How can we accomplish this?  That is really the question.  We use the same things we would use to catch a fish, catch a rodent or to even catch a mate – we use bait.  Research has shown that one of the biggest deterrents to success for an individual is the nature of their thoughts.  Our thoughts determine our world.  Our thoughts are greatly influenced by an inner critic or inner bully and learning how to manage this bully is one of the keys to success.

Using the acronym, B.A.I.T. (Basics, Awareness, Implementation, Thankfulness) Jennifer guides you towards the tools and strategies needed to become the master of your thoughts.  She uses her experiences of 20yrs as a registered social worker along with personal stories of fear to help you rise and walk above your own vulnerabilities.  Jennifer’s ability to connect with her audience is a gift; making each one feel safe through their journey and as though they have been friends for years.

Three R’s to Goal Setting

Evidence shows that goals drive us forward and provide us with a sense of purpose and fulfillment. The achievement of these goals helps to provide meaning to life as well as a sense of accomplishment. However, too often, due to past experiences, lack of belief in self and feelings of overwhelm, setting and reaching goals can seem insurmountable. Worse, it can leave us feeling stuck and impact our self esteem thus impacting our fulfillment in life. By using the three R’s to goal setting – Resisting fear, Resilience and Reaching for the Goal – Jennifer shows her audience how to not only set the goal but to achieve it. Jennifer provides practical strategies and leads the audience into creating their own personal life plan – during the talk! Engaging stories, memorable acronyms, and appealing exercises are used during this talk leaving your audience wanting more.

Excellence – Live it. Breathe it. Understand it.

Where does our sense of pride come from? Many would say their ancestry, their life experiences, and maybe even their achievements, but what if the answer was that our sense of pride comes from our DNA? During this powerful, educational, and engaging talk, Jennifer pulls from her pride of being a black woman to talk about black history. A history that has for far too long been quieted and relegated to sharing one month per year. She believes that black History is world history. Period. During this talk, Jennifer shares and teaches about black history – beyond slavery. She touches on epigenetics and how it influences individuals today – despite their cultural heritage. She discusses the process of healing and how to move forward in a powerful and unified manner. With the use of humor, storytelling, historical facts and her engaging wit, Jennifer delivers a talk on Black History that you will be sure to always remember.