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How to become confident, happy and fulfilled – on your terms!!

INVESTMENT: $50/group session ($400)

Learn how to truly love you, be happy to your core and build your life the way YOU WANT IT!
Thanks for visiting and inquiring about how to SLAY YOUR INNER BULLY! I am so excited that you have decided to invest in you which can result in you becoming the very best version of you. I have been supporting people to be their best for over 20 years! My education and experience have helped me to be able to effectively support you on this journey. Read more about me at the end of this page!

The 8-week Slay Your Inner Bully Intensive is a course that allows you to learn to manage your inner bully, become more confident in your decisions, and truly love your life.  How?  By building awareness.

Have you ever said or thought these statements?

I would like to move forward with insert project/business/task but I don’t think I could actually do it.

I wish I was like insert name they have their stuff together. I’m just not like that.

I know I could do insert task name but I don’t really believe that I can. I don’t have insert name of what you don’t believe you have.

I’m not smart enough, good looking enough, or (whatever it is you believe) to make any kind of difference.

These statements are simply NOT TRUE. Believing these statements leaves us tired, defeated, and somewhat hopeless to a brighter future. They are messages from the inner bully (our inner critic) and I want to help you learn to manage and control the thoughts and stories you tell yourself on a daily basis

Why? So you can live a more fulfilled, balanced, and exciting life!

In this course you can expect:

  • 8 live, 2 hr virtual sessions with me, Jen Slay & Coach Shirley Brooks
  • 3 one on one 30-minute sessions with either Coach Jen or Coach Shirley
  • An online support group
  • A Finesse Your Life book (electronic)
  • Extended DiSC Behavioral Assessment Individualized
  • Weekly Slay Your Inner Bully Workbooks

This group is specifically for individuals who are serious about creating positive change and quieting the negative inner voice that shows up when they need to take action.


Course Topics:

  • How to enhance Self Awareness
  • The Mind and the Art of Effective Communication
  • All About Me (You)
  • Eliminating Toxins and Implementing Strategies
  • Social Awareness, Relationship Management, & Communication
  • Importance of Vulnerability
  • Resiliency and Trust
  • and much more…

I honestly do not have a horrific story to share with you. I grew up middle class in a small isolated Northern community. I was able to experience a lot throughout my childhood – worldwide travel, academic and athletic successes, loving and supportive family etc… What I’m trying to say is that my life was pretty darn good. But there came a time in my youth where somehow, someway I stopped believing in my value. As a result, I became a people pleaser. I allowed myself to be used, and I was sad on the inside. People’s opinions meant the world to me and I could not really think for myself (at least not without stress). I was able to play the part of a happy person – trust me I could get the academy award – but I was sad. If we fast forward a bit, after getting married, having three children, and achieving success in my career, things started to crumble. My marriage ended after 12yrs, I was a single parent of three children, my business was struggling and I wanted to retreat. In fact, I wanted to die. That is hard to write because I love life, but at that time in my life I wanted to die. There were a number of things that happened that helped me get on track and I promised myself that I was going to help other women find that greatness within them because I didn’t want anyone to feel the depth of sadness I had felt. How? Let me start by saying I can’t do it for you. BUT I can provide you with the tools and strategies so that you can overcome your demons and manage that inner critic (bully).

When the idea to create a course called Slay Your Inner Bully came to my mind, it was because I wanted to help women learn how to manage that inner critic that we ALL have. That critic that will tell us that we are not enough, that we don’t have the right credentials, or that no one will support us if we move forward with a particular idea. The list goes on. The inner critic can either serve us or deter us – we can choose – REALLY WE CAN! How? By learning to manage the messages that the critic gives us and changing our perspective. Together, myself and business coach and strategist, Jennifer Jimbere, have created a course that is like no other that I have seen out there.

Now is the time to take charge of YOUR life. If not now, when?

Common reasons to stay stuck:

I don’t have enough time – Well, you will always be busy. It’s time to prioritize you.

I don’t have enough money – we have payment options. Do not let money prevent you from being able to kick that bully’s a$$ and live your best life now! We have different payment options that will work for you. You just have to let us know.

I’m not feeling strong enough to face my inner self – There will never be a “best time” when all the stars have aligned – the best time to make and create change is RIGHT NOW. You are reading this because right now IS your time. This course helps to build up your inner strength. That’s the point!

Trust me I know that of which I speak because I had to learn to manage my inner critic if I wanted to experience any level of true happiness in my life.

Check out what people are saying about the Slay Your Inner Bully course:

I knew I was a slave to that voice inside of me. It did not have a name but it had power. I knew that I was limiting myself because of how that voice inside of my head was causing me to be defensive, to take everything personally, to fear what others think of me, to have to be right and perfect. What I also knew was that there was a better way to manage that voice and speak to it…but I didn’t know what to say or do. And then I met Coach Jen Slay during the Slay Your Inner Bully course. She was not only down to earth and extremely helpful but because of this course I learned to be more self-aware. To pay more attention to how I respond to people and understand where others are coming from. To not take everything personal. To not care so much about what others think. I’m a work in progress, but I now have a script to guide me daily now and all of the amazing course material to refer back to so that if that inner bully rears it ugly head, I know how to put it in it’s place. Thank you Jen for being apart of my life and for helping me and so many others to start separating fact from fiction and seeing how great they really are. We all matter we all have something of value to contribute to this world. And because of this course I am more and more comfortable with shining my light. Thank you ❤️

Shirley L. Brooks – Business and Social Media Management

“Live life better than good!”, is a saying that I am now endeavoring to be part of my life since taking, “Slay Your Inner Bully” course. Within 8 weeks I have seen drastic changes in my thought process and how I handle those negative voices in my own mind. This series is insightful, encouraging and uplifting. While learning to be free to be the best version of yourself, you also have two incredible people guiding you through to a place where you can become more independent and “flip the script” in your mind automatically. Please take this course. You will not regret it!

Saidat – Children’s Entertainer

I made a choice to invest in me. With the help of two wonderful coaches, I’ve become aware of who I really am, how I want to grow, and that I deserve it! I’ve learned how to calm that inner voice, been given tools to move past the road blocks, to becoming the best version of me.

I got to a place in my life, that I wanted to start enjoying it, but when I thought about what that involved I was at a loss. I felt like I didn’t know the real me. This course helped me to see that I deserve to be present, I’m allowed to have a voice, to be aware of my actions, and to ensure they line up with my beliefs. I don’t need to compare myself to anyone but me. I am enough.

Lisa Poole – Entrepreneur

Are you ready to be the woman you have always wanted to be?
Are you ready to be more confident within and to truly love yourself?
Are you ready to say “f*#!” this, I’m going to live my best life RIGHT NOW!

If you were able to say yes to these questions, you are ready to take the Slay Your Inner Bully 8 week intensive.

This course will change your life. Literally. We were amazed by the testimonials that we have received. Check them out.

The class was amazing. I learned so much in 8 weeks. I have finally started setting boundaries, saying no to things I do not want to do and people. I have stopped allowing people to use me as a door mat. I have learned so much and I am more equipped.The emails and homework was amazing. It really helped me to drive home what we learned the week before. The interaction was great and it was nice to hear where everyone else was in their progress.

Michelle Tullock

I invested a lot of my time in my self growth where I had the honour of meeting some inspiring individuals along the way. With each person, I was able to apply what I have learned into my daily routine. Jennifer Slay; an inspiration to my mind, heart and soul is one of these people. Slay has shown me I am capabale of enhancing my self growth to a much higher level. I am truely grateful for the opportunity to experience the SYIB workshop. SYIB workshop has taught me to observe deeper in my thoughts and has given me answers I have been searching for quite some time. Thank you Slay for inventing SYIB. SYIB has been a well deserving experience for me.

Crystal Laviolette

The definition of bullying is to seek to harm, intimidate, or coerce (someone perceived as vulnerable). When we self-bully, we are intimidating ourselves with messages like we are not good enough, by reminding ourselves of our past failures which prevents us from taking risks and trying new things. The brain will naturally try to protect us from taking a risk in an effort to protect us, but sometimes, because of past experiences, negative messaging, and the manner in which we are taught to process information, we can allow that inner critic (bully) to have an overpowering voice. When that voice intimidates us enough to not move forward in our lives – that is self-bullying.

The Slay Your Inner Bully program was created to help people improve their ability to manage their inner critic (the voice in their head). It was built with the principles of Emotional Intelligence (how you show up and manage the world around you), Positive Psychology (how you think of the world around you), and the Extended DiSC behavioral assessment tools(why you act and communicate the way you do).

The inner critic, or inner bully as we like to call it, can be a powerful entity to deal with if we let it. If given the opportunity, the bully can prevent us from living a fulfilled, happy, and satisfied life. The Slay Your Inner Bully program is one where you are supported to become more aware of your thoughts, choices, and words that you say to others as well as to yourself. The facilitators will bring you through an exercise of self-reflection using the tools to build Emotional Intelligence, concepts of positive psychology and assessments from the DiSC behavioral assessment program.

What you can expect:

I am very aware and can appreciate that everyone has their best way to learn/learning style. Throughout the life of the course I will be using strategies such as:

  • story telling
  • assessments
  • meeting one on one via zoom meetings
  • powerpoint
  • videos
  • and meditation

Each week you will be given homework and are accountable to yourself and the group to have it completed by the next class. Throughout the 6 weeks, you will receive support through a private facebook group and you will receive 3 emails per week to encourage, motivate and educate. There is also follow up support at the end of the course.

There is follow up with the group and with myself up to six months after the course. The fb group is there for you forever – you have lifetime access. Further, depending on what you need, I have programs within our respective businesses to support you in your endeavors.

About the trainers:


Jennifer Slay has been a registered Social Worker in the city of London for the last 20 years. She is also a certified life coach, motivational speaker, author and trainer having earned an Honors bachelor degree in Anthropology, Social Work and a Masters in Social Work. She was chosen as one of the recipients of the Queen Elizabeth the II Diamond Jubilee medal in 2013 for her community work and also as one of Canada’s women of confidence in the national publication, Chatelaine magazine. Jennifer has an undying belief in the human spirit and has combined her education and experiences to create workshops, online programs and various speeches that pull the best from her clients and audience to support them to overcome their fears and experience ultimate personal success.

To learn more about Jennifer Slay, please visit


Shirley Brooks is a wife, mom & life coach.  She is an ambitious woman who loves God and loves helping women feel their absolute best from the inside out.  Shirley has 20 years of experience in corporate America, network marketing, serving the emotional needs of women and virtual business support.

Shirley’s passion is to support women to learn the skills needed to increase their confidence, knowledge and mindset so that they can experience the joy of advancing their vision and manifesting their dreams into reality.  Nothing brings her more joy than to see women have aha moments and a smile from ear to ear.