Finesse Your Life: Mind, Body and Spirit (SIGNED)


Have you ever wondered – When is my time? When will I be truly happy? When will I live my dreams? In the twenty years that I have worked in the social work field as a case manager, counselor, and life coach, I have observed that the most successful people – meaning the people who are most confident, self-assured, and are inwardly happy – are the people who skillfully manage their lives. But how do they do it? In a world where people can put on the persona of having it all, it may appear on the outside to be easy for everyone to live life to the fullest. However, the façade is just that – a façade. Having it all really is a frame of mind, but how can we really achieve all that we desire? In this book, Finesse Your Life – Mind, Body, and Spirit, you are provided with the tools and strategies needed to live a life of abundance. The most successful people are rich from within which then translates to outward financial success and abundance. This book will not only tell you how, but will show you how to create a plan for how to finesse your life to abundant living today.

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