Shirley L. Brooks

Virtual Business and Social Media Management

Hi! My name is Shirley L. Brooks, I am a wife, mom and ambitious women who loves God. My purpose and passion is to helping female entrepreneurs to get clear on their goals, free up time and have success in business. With years of business experience and a heart to serve, I use my God given talents to help women to increase their confidence, knowledge and mindset so that they can experience the joy of advancing their vision and manifesting their dreams into reality. Using customized business support services, I do the things that I do best so that determined sheprenuers can focus on doing the things that they do best. This shift in workload turns wasted time into productive focused and intentional effort opening the door to more opportunity and growth within your organization. Nothing brings me more joy than to see women have aha moments and success in business because of something God used me to say or do and I am excited about the chance to do the same for you!

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