Styling Wednesdays

Styling Wednesday – June 15th

Happy Styling Wednesday everyone!!! It is the third Wednesday of the month and so I get to share with you my favorite outfit pics of the week. This week I’ve got to tell you – I’m loving the yellow and navy blue/jean mix. This summer is all about fresh, bright, crisp colours. So lots of bright yellows, greens, stark whites, oranges! Some great fun. And if you know me, you know that I love classic looks because of their versatility – you can dress them up or dress them down! Well here are my pics for this week:
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Use Style Power!

What is the key to being in style (or at least one of the keys)?  CONFIDENCE!!  A woman with confidence can rock an outfit that is outdated and be easily forgiven – lol.  But just as important as confidence is to styling yourself beautifully is to knowing yourself intimately.  Get your mind out of the gutter.  I’m just talking about really knowing your body type and how to dress it!  Be totally and completely aware of what looks good on you, what colors most flatter you, and what features you want to accentuate.  Sound like a lot of work?  It’s not.  Truly.  Just a little bit of knowledge will bring you a long way!  So today, I’m going to discuss the importance of symmetry or balanced proportions.
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“Glisten” – We All Do It!

With the warmer weather there comes changes in the makeup routine right?  You may choose to use different colors on your eyes and/or lips, you may need a different foundation, or maybe you are one who “glistens” (in layman terms – sweats – but we are being ladylike – lol) and makeup seems to “glisten” right off of you.  Well, today we are going to talk about this last point because I tend to hear about it A LOT.
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Big Announcement (another one)

Creating the perfect look is not always easy but it just became that much more simple.  As you know, I’m a coach.  Helping people look and feel great on both the inside and outside is something I feel passionately about.  For years I was a consultant then director in Mary Kay.  During that time, the phrase that I constantly told women was that “When a woman feels that she looks good, her confidence level goes up and she becomes unstoppable”.  Does it seem silly?  Silly that a little lipstick and blush could make such a difference in a person’s mood.  Well here is a quick statistic for you.  During the recession, one of the products that increased in sales was LIPSTICK!!!!  Crazy right?  Or expected?  It’s simple really, when you feel down, you look to almost anything to feel better.  Lipstick is one of those items that makes a woman feel good.  I didn’t make the rules but in this case, loving the rules – lol.
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Look great in 3minutes or less!

So many of our clients say that they do not wear makeup because they just do not have the time.  Well, a few months back I challenged this idea and posted this post on facebook about how to look polished in 3 minutes or less.  I was referring to a polished makeup look.  I figured I’d share it with you too.  Looking great does not take as much time was you may think.  Literally 3 minutes or less.  Here is what you need:
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The Secret to a Youthful Look

This has to be the easiest beauty tip ever!!!!

Disclaimer:  No product company has endorsed me to write about their product (but you can – just saying.  My contact info is below.  lol)

I’m often asked how old I am.  When I say 41 I get that big eyed look and open jaw – NO WAY!!!  Now I don’t know what a 41yr old is supposed to look like but, I can admit, I look a little younger than my age.  Hey, I won’t complain!!  But the next question I’m asked is how do I keep my skin looking good and how do I keep my youthfulness (ok, so I added the youthfulness bit.  No one said that, but I’m going to assume they think it so that I can add to this blog piece – lol).
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Prom is a comin’

Can you believe that Prom season is coming up – SOON!!!  I had a request from a reader to please offer advice to the young ladies who will be attending prom with regards to prepping themselves for this incredible event in their lives.  My response – your wish is my command!

I know many of you teens may think you know what looks good and how to prep yourselves, but just indulge me and read these four points.  It won’t take you long and actually you might laugh (whether with me or at me I don’t care – as long as you get something from this – lol).
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Are you Dating Yourself?

I don’t mean are you dating yourself as in taking yourself out to dinner.  I mean, are you dating yourself in that your old soul is making an appearance in your sense of style and making you look older than you actually are.  Now, I’m all for the individual with an old soul.  I have an old soul!  When I was a kid, many of my friends were older than me and I LOVED  to wear my mom’s clothing.  Now, that may be typical of many young girls, but I literally dressed like my mom when I was in highschool.  Thank goodness she was fashionable!!  But I also loved to listen to old music – 50s and 60s music – whoop whoop and watch old movies – Gone with the Wind (classic)!!!  None of this stuff is bad.  It’s actually a part of my charm (at least that’s what I call it – lol).  But in all seriousness, having an old soul and looking like an old soul is not always the best combination.  Now I can admit that I have days where I look like I’ve come out of a time warp.  I can’t help it!!  I love big hair, I love shoulder pads.  I did grow up in the 80s afterall.  However, there are ways of combining the world of the old with the world of the new to create a happy medium.  Here’s some tips on how:
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Spring is here!!!

Whoopee!!!!!  Spring is here.  If you are like me then you love Spring because everything goes from drab to beautiful (if you live in Canada, Europe, or the Northern USA).  The only downfall with Spring is the allergy symptoms I get with the season.  That’s not so fun, but, guess what?  I’m going to look good while I sneeze and have my watery eyes – lol.  How?  Here are some tips to look great during the Spring allergy season.
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You – with a bit of pazaaz!

Being comfortable in your own skin can be hard sometimes.  There are so many rules about so many things.  What colours to wear, what styles to wear, what brands to wear, and it goes on and on and on.  Essentially, if you want to look good you have to feel good.  The best way to feel good is to be comfortable in your own skin.  To be truly comfortable in your own skin you just need a little knowledge.  If you think about all of the times you have felt most confident in your life, it was likely when you felt pretty confident about what you were talking about.  Am I right?  When it comes to how you look, if you are not happy with something in particular, be it your legs, your waistline, your nose etc… then change the way they look.  No, I’m not talking surgery.  And let me just interject here for a minute.  I believe to truly love yourself is to accept yourself for who you are.  However, I live in reality.  As a woman, there always seems to be something that we are not happy with.  For me, I’ve always had a bit of a bulgy middle.  I wish I could blame it on having three kids but alas, I cannot.  I have had a sweet tooth since I was born and therefore in relation to the rest of my body, I’ve always had a bit of a pot belly.  What, you couldn’t tell?  That’s because I hide it well!  Like I said, a little knowledge about how to dress to feel great and boom, you got it!
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