22 Jul

Use your O.A.R.S.!

Have you ever felt like you are on a hamster wheel going around and around but not getting anywhere? A few years ago I went on a missions trip to Guatemala – what an amazing experience!  One of the
31 May


Why do the most successful people encourage us to envision what we want?  Hmmmmm? It’s because thoughts are things.  They create and shape our lives through influencing our subconscious which then influences our behavior. When we think of something
24 May

You Got This!

It’s Back… Hello! Bonjour! Ola! Bonjourno! I’m so excited to tell you that the Slay Your Inner Bully 6 week Intensive is BACK!!! We have had some AMAZING testimonials about this program. But don’t take my word for it –
14 May

Understand this…

I saw a post the other day encouraging men to leave good women alone if their intentions were not honest and forthcoming because they are damaging good women for the good guys that are out there. I thought this
30 Apr


Choices! How often have you heard the phrase “I had no choice!” from a friend, child, partner, co-worker or other person in your life when they relay a story to you about a major choice they