30 Dec

Growth Mindset Hack #9 – Move Forward

Over the last few weeks I have been sharing with you my 10 ways to develop or create a growth mindset. Let’s review:

Hack #1 – Make a decision

Hack #2 – Set some goals

Hack #3 – Get an accountability partner

Hack #4 – Self Talk & Beliefs

Hack #5 – Create & Execute a plan

Hack #6 – Visualize

Hack #7 – Commitment, Passion, Perseverance (CPP)

Hack #8 – Be of Service

You cannot get to the finish line first to win the race if you are always looking back. When I was in high school I ran track and field and the coach always said – keep your eyes on the finish line and never look back. The reason for this was because if you look back, it shaves milliseconds off of your time which, in a 100 metre race, can cost you the race.

We are human and so we are going to mess up in life sometimes. It is expected. The difference between those who succeed and live life with zest and passion and those who do not, is this simple thing – they do not dwell on the past. They take the mistakes and challenges they have experienced and use it to propel them forward, not to dwell, not to succumb to guilt, but to learn from them and move forward. The past has already happened. There is nothing that anyone can do to change their past. However, if you focus forward and LEARN from the past, you will reach the finish line.

You may be wondering how to do this right? It seems hard right? It doesn’t have to be. Remember these 3 things

  1. Accept what has happened. It’s happened already. Can’t change it. It is going to hurt at first. It is going to feel like crap. That saying – time heals all wounds is true in the sense that time will lesson the sting. Take responsibility for your part and keep it moving.
  2. I mentioned it in #1 – accept responsibility. There is nothing more disturbing to me than a person who cannot take responsibility for their shit. Yes, I swore. That’s how much it bothers me. Admit to when you do something wrong and keep it moving. We all make mistakes sometimes.
  3. Dwelling on your mistakes and feeling sorry for yourself is a colossal waste of time. IT IS! What one productive thing can come out of you beating yourself up over past mistakes. Trust me when I say I’ve made some HUGE mistakes in my past which hurt me, my family, and others that I care about. But check it out – they were mistakes. They don’t have to define you. What you do with your new found knowledge is what will define you. Learn and do better.

You got this.

Next Steps:

  1. Forgive yourself. Love yourself. Move forward.
  2. Repeat #1
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