31 May


Why do the most successful people encourage us to envision what we want?  Hmmmmm?

It’s because thoughts are things.  They create and shape our lives through influencing our subconscious which then influences our behavior.

When we think of something over and over again, we are meditating on it.  When we meditate on a thought our brains seek out opportunities to make the thought a reality,  When we physically visualize that which we think about, research shows there is an increased 65% chance of it becoming a reality.

Amazing right?

So how can we most effectively visualize?  How can we effectively make our thoughts a reality in our lives?  The answer is to bring in as many sensory feelings as you possibly can.

  1.  See it.  Draw it.  Put it on a vision board.  I am living proof that this works!  I have had a picture of a certain car I wanted.  When my last car finally died, I was left in a situation where I had to purchase a new one.  My mechanic showed me the vehicles that he had available and guess what?  The vehicle I wanted was right there!  BUT – and here is the kicker – I didn’t realize it until after I bought it.  Let me explain.  I look at my vision board so often that it has become like a piece of furniture in my house.  I don’t really pay attention to it – I’m just being real y’all.  However, after I bought my vehicle I looked at my vision board and realized – OMG – that was the car I wanted.  The make and model were different but it was the style of vehicle.  My thoughts help me to manifest my car.  It may not happen immediately – but it will happen.                                                                             
  2. Hear it.  When you achieve it what will you say to self?  What do you imagine other people will say to you?  Think about the messages you hear while you’re on the journey – the more encouragement or even discouragement – the closer you are.  Often times our wise mentors, friends, or family will tell us during the most difficult times that the storm will come before the calm.  This is often true.  When you have a number of naysayers chirping in your ear – it’s sign that you are close to your break through.  When you have a number of people suddenly jumping on your bandwagon, it likely means – you are close to your break through.  It is all perception.  You totally got this.  Go for it!                                                                                                                             
  3. Taste it.  Not literally but figuratively.  You know when you think of a favorite food – chocolate cheese cake for example – and you think so hard that you can taste it without actually tasting it?  Think about what you want so hard that you can figuratively taste it.  I remember having a conversation with my middle son Kobey about baseball.  He will tell anyone who listens that he is going to be a professional baseball player.  He trains for it, dreams about it, talks about it ALL THE TIME.  Anyways, we were talking about his baseball team and he said to me – “Mom, right now my team sucks.  We do well in practice but when it comes down to it we do not follow through in the game.  We have the second worst record in the league mom.”  So me thinking – this is a teachable moment – I said to him that he needs to encourage his team, he needs to play his best game and he has to believe that the team can win.  He asked me if that would really work.  I encouraged him to try it.  He did.  He was vocal with his team mates and when they made a mistake he encouraged them.  He kept training and practicing.  Guess what happened?  The team came together and they won the freakin’ championship.  NOW – was it because of Kobey?  Maybe, maybe not.  But his belief and ability to “taste” the victory certainly helped.  Try it – let me know how it goes!                                                                                                                                               
  4. Feel it – you did it!  What does that feel like?  Happy?  Excited?  Proud?  Overwhelmed with emotion?  Thankful?  Imagine what you feel and multiply that feeling.  Make it intense.  The brain will find opportunities to try to replicate the feeling.  As a little girl, I imagined what my wedding would be like.  I imagined how happy and joyous of an occasion it would be.  When I would think about it, I imagined people happy, dancing, laughing, and really just having a great time.  My wedding was one of the best parties I have ever been to!  For years I “felt” what the experience of my wedding day would be like and it became a reality.  Now, the marriage was a complete different story (but that is a blog for another day) – haha.  Feel the emotions and watch them become a reality.                                                                                                                                                                           

Remember this –

  1. Worry is a negative form of meditation.  The more you worry the bigger you are allowing the situation to become.  I heard this quote recently – where your focus goes your energy flows.
  2. What you think about you bring about.  Make it good people!!
  3. Taking the time to envision what you want by bringing in multiple senses is a positive form of meditation.

You got this!

Being happy to the core entails being responsible and accepting responsibility for our choices, actions and decisions.  Being open to different perspectives and allowing yourself to experience new things is just one way to get to that core happy place.  You totally got this. We totally got this. #SlayYourDay.

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