21 Jan

Taking my Own Advice.

So, last week was a great week. My team and I were on task to getting key projects done, I had made some great contacts, I won a speech contest and those are just a few of the highlights. It was truly an amazing week. HOWEVER, the week did not start out that way. Can we say FRUSTRATION?!

For those of you who do not know me, on Sundays I like to plan my week . I am a planner. I like to know where I’m going, who I’m meeting, how I’m getting there, purpose of the meeting etc… Basic things that I’m sure many of us can appreciate. I also enjoy great customer service when I am inquiring to possibly use or purchase something that you’re offering. Again, basic. So, on Monday and Tuesday I had to make some phone calls to a number of bigger companies to get some things in order. Have you tried calling big companies lately? The ones where there is no live person?

You know where this is going right?

Well, the first company I wanted to reach out to, before I could speak to anyone I had to create an account online to start an application for what I wanted. I followed the instructions. They said I had to confirm my email address so I input my email. I waited.

and waited…

No email received.

I tried again. But now, since I had already started an account I was told an account had been created using that email and therefore I had to go to my email to confirm my email address. BUT NO EMAIL EVER ARRIVED. So I say to myself, let me call them. I call, I get transferred to someone and the phone disconnects. I call again, and I must have dialed incorrectly because it was a different company all together. I call again and was placed on hold for 15min.

I hung up.

I decided, maybe I should stop focusing on that for a minute and do something else. I try to order some items for my business. MISTAKE. Website was acting up (it happens) and there was no number to call (at least I could not find one). Plus, because I was already feeling frustrated I knew I was likely missing something because I was seeing red. So I thought, Jen, do something else.

I had to call to arrange a service for my home. After being on hold for 20min a live person did answer the phone – HALLELUIAH! But then the phone promptly disconnected.

At this point my neck is stiff, my thoughts are not clear, and I want to scream.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

I then realized – WAIT A SECOND. I’m Jen Slay. I tell people to slay their day everyday. What the heck am I getting frustrated for (although you have to admit I had every right to get frustrated – just sayin)? I had to remember who I was and tell myself who I was – exactly what I suggest to anyone who will listen. I had to take a minute and stop the mounting anger that was building inside of me due to my frustration. Basically I did what I suggest to my clients all the time.

I stopped. I took a pause.

I took a moment and I focused on my breathing. I imagined everything going the way it was meant to go. I shifted my thinking and started to laugh. I purposely laughed (meaning I forced a laugh) until I started to really laugh. I walked away from the computer, called a friend, had a good laugh and breathed.

Then I started again.

Interestingly enough, everything ran smoothly after that.

Just another lesson that what we think about we will bring about. The more I was getting frustrated and thinking of the incompetence (I wasn’t thinking that word at the time but a child may be reading this and I don’t want to offend – lol) the more of it I was receiving. When I took a step back, relaxed, refocused and approached things more positively, the situation improved – DRASTICALLY.

Just goes to show that for all of us who are coaches and in the helping profession where we give the advice to refocus and take a breath – sometimes, we just have to take our own advice.

I thought I would share this with you because I am certain it will get a giggle from someone. If this post brightens your day in any way – then my job has been done for the day.

You got this. #SlayYourDay (and I mean it)


Photo credit: London Life Portraits (Howard Adams)

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  1. Don Baylor
    January 21, 2019

    Great Post!


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