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SLAY Your Inner Bully – NOW!

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If you have been following me for a little bit then you would have heard me talk about, write about, and teach about how to Slay that Inner Bully that we all have.  However, some of you may not know what I mean when I say Slay Your Inner Bully  so I’m going to break it down.

Every single one of us on this earth, whether you are a multi-millionaire or of very meager means (or somewhere in between) have an inner voice.  This voice can encourage us, correct us, and it can motivate us to do things we only dreamed of doing.  However, if not managed correctly, this voice can kill our spirit.  What I mean is that this voice has the ability to remind us of all of our mistakes, to tell us that we are not enough, and to allow us to be comfortable living in fear or worse, it will encourage us to live within our comfort zone.

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I like to read and I love to people watch.  When I do this it allows me to study human behavior.  This has helped me to do effective work with clients whether they are seeing me for therapy or for coaching.  What I have observed over and over again, is that people’s lack of awareness of self combined with the mismanagement of their inner critic (inner bully) feeds the insecurities that we have and prevents us from living our life in abundance.  When I say abundance I mean being happy to the core.

For those of you who do not know, I went through a really low period in my life.  As I was going through it, my support team was surprised but happy that my outlook was that I would get through it because so often when people are depressed they do not have that hope to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  But I did.  I vowed that as I spent time to heal, I would spend the rest of my life helping others learn the strategies needed to move past their obstacles and live an abundant life.   That feeling of hopelessness does not have to be your reality.  There are ways to get past it.

Soooooooooooooo, you should know that I am a problem solver.  If I do not see a solution I will figure out how to create a solution.  And that is exactly what I did when it comes to slaying that inner bully.  For those of you who want to learn these strategies too, I’m going to suggest you do two things:

  1.  Watch the video above.  If you already have then you’ve already started to invest in you!  AWESOME!  You will agree with me that the video is fun, it’s quick, and it’s full of some great tips.  If you missed it, Click HERE  (Please subscribe to the youtube channel for more great videos in 2019):  
  2.   Consider joining me and my biz partner, Jennifer Jimbere, for the next round of the Slay Your Inner Bully  course.  You will join other powerful people who want to slay their inner bully and together we will work together for 6 weeks – weekly online class, encouraging emails, one on one access with the Thrive Experts, a supportive group and lots of learning and fun.                                                                      Click the link here to join us January 8th: https://thrivexperts.com/slay-your-inner-bully/   (Please note that all classes are recorded so if you cannot make it live, the link will be sent to you and you can still participate in a meaningful way).

One of the ways to thrive in your life is to take time to invest in yourself.  Invest your time and resources into always making you the best you that you can be (I think i got that from Dr. Seuss).  

You totally got this and remember #SlayYourDay.

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Photo credit: Jasmina Photography


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