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WARNING – this post will make you want to do something.  Risk of positive activity ahead!


Think of all of the times you said you told yourself that you could not do something.  Think of the circumstances that surrounded you and at how high you would have to climb (metaphorically speaking) to overcome whatever it was that you were facing.  Now fast forward to now.  Guess what?  You got through it.  And if you’re going through it now – you will get through what you’re going through now, just keep moving forward.  Keeping in mind, that the outcome may or may not have been what you expected or wanted it to be but you did get through it and the outcome was what it needed to be at the time.  For those of you going through a difficulty right now – the outcome will be what it needs to be.

When I was 22yrs old I found out that I was pregnant.  Can you say surprise?  To truly understand the magnitude of this event, I have to put it in context for you.  When I was growing up I was one of two princesses in my house.  To be specific, I was the oldest, first born, one of two princesses in my house.  As the eldest princess it was expected that I set a good example for the younger princess and achieve what was expected of me.  So in my family, I could do no wrong.  I got good grades, excelled in sports, did not drink alcohol, did not do drugs.  So pretty straight and narrow.  To further explain my situation I need to explain where my parents were coming from.  They immigrated to Canada with a plan to provide an amazing life for their children (the two princesses).  My mom came straight from Jamaica and put herself through school to become an elementary school teacher.  My dad had left Jamaica and went to Oxford University in England (yeah, he’s pretty smart) and after graduating, settled in a Northern community where he met my mom and they decided to marry and build a life.  They spent over 30yrs in the freezing (often -40 C temps) so that they could give their kids a charmed life.  I was reminded of this constantly growing up – just sayin.  Oh, and did I mention that they were Jamaican (for all of the 1st generation Jamaican children – and other 1st generation immigrant children – you know what that means – I need not say more).  So when their first born, unmarried, 22yr old princess called home from University to say “Surprise, I’m pregnant!”.  Well, I just gotta tell you,  it did not go over well.  There was not that reaction of jubilee.  I can look back and laugh now, but can you imagine how I felt at the time?  Actually forget me – How they felt at the time?!?!?!

This pic was taken after the big shock. WAY after. Notice the smiles - lol.
This pic was taken after the big shock. WAY after. Notice the smiles – lol.

My mom, the constant fixer, said to me “Jenny, don’t worry about anything, just come home and we will help you take care of the baby”.  COME HOME?!!?!  Are you kidding?  Why after leaving the land of the cold would I go back?  Just because I was pregnant?  Really?  In my head I didn’t get it.  It wasn’t like I was dying or something, I was just having a baby.  THAT is what was going through my head.  Oh, did I forget to mention that the week before finding out I was pregnant I had been accepted into a 2yr Social Work program at a Christian college?  Yeah, there was that.  But, you know with prayer and a belief in myself I chose to complete my Social Work degree – 1st year pregnant, 2nd year with an infant – and I did it.  Not only did I do it, I graduated on the Deans list, secured a good job and now the rest is history.  God’s good to me man.

daven 4

I’m happy to report that my baby that little bundle of surprise will be 18yrs old this year and he is waiting for his acceptance letters from universities to do bio-medical engineering.  Whoot whoot!!!

Gorgeous right? So blessed.
Gorgeous right? So blessed.

I don’t tell you this to brag (although I am pretty darn proud of the kid) I tell you this because when an obstacle comes up and stops you dead in your tracks – DON’T GIVE UP!  Simply take a detour.  Take another route and remember before anything else, you have to believe in yourself.  I’m telling you, and you have to believe me, you are capable of achieving whatever you put your mind to.  Believe that.

This is my baby! Love him to pieces!!
This is my baby! Love him to pieces!!

Drop me a line or share with the rest of us an obstacle that you overcame.  It may just be what someone needs to read in order to help them get through what they are going through.

I’m telling you – YOU CAN.  Believe in you.


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    The forum is a brhgtier place thanks to your posts. Thanks!

    • Jennifer
      January 24, 2017

      Thank you Shermaine! I appreciate you taking the time to read the blogs. Enjoy! Feel free to subscribe.


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