15 Feb

Lessons from the Wise One – Planting Seeds

Were you one of those people who grew up with a mom who was really wise? Or maybe you didn’t have a mom or your mom wasn’t the wisest or nicest, but did the person who cared for you have a saying that just stuck with you? Well I happened to have had a great mom. She’s a Jamaican born mom. With that comes a few things. Not being stereotypical, it’s just a fact.  What are these things you ask? Well let me educate you.

pinkink047 (1)
My mama! Beautiful isn’t she?  Photo credit: Kamini Le Capelaine

Top three things to know about my (and many) Jamaican mom(s):

  1. She has a saying or a story about EVERYTHING. You could catch a cold and she has a reason for it – “Yuh see, yuh mus cova up yuh chest when you go outside.” Translation: I told you so many times to wear something on your chest like a scarf when you go outside”. Forget the fact that colds are caused by germs. Don’t even bother to argue the point – you will lose the battle.
  2. She has a cure for EVERYTHING. Again, let’s use the cold situation – “Jus drink dis rum an honey han a likkle garlic. Tek di col right off yuh chest”. Translation: Drink this mixture of rum, honey, and garlic.   You will feel better right away. I don’t know where these concoctions come from – but they work! They also have use for every plant life that grows back home. Some don’t taste so good – Ceracee tea.                                                                                                                jamaican ceracee Lawd it bitta!!!
  3. She has a reason why you have an opinion and why this opinion is not valid. For example, if you disagree with what she is saying and you are having a heated debate, it always comes down to “Yuh too FACETY”. Translation: You are too lippy. Nevermind that you may be a doctor and know exactly what caused your illness, she knows better. Again, why argue?

Anyways, I digress. My point of today’s blog wasn’t to educate you on Jamaican mom’s but more the knowledge I learned from my Jamaican mom that has stuck with me through every high and low time in my life.

Before there was a Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, or Robin Sharma, there was a woman named Rosalie A. and she had words of wisdom passed down from her mom Gloria R. and her mom Mary B. and so on and so forth. Today, I share these words of wisdom with you (without the patois).

“There is a reason for everything, you may not know it or understand it, but there is a reason. EVERY disappointment is for the best”.

“Not everyone can be the best at everything, but you can be the best at you always”.

“Get your education. No one can ever take that away from you”.

“You can do whatever you want to do if you work hard”.

Now, these may seem cliche and they may seem very common sensical, BUT, when you are a kid and you hear this ALL the time, the seed is planted and it has an opportunity to take root. When something is rooted in you, it will grow and when cared for – it will flourish.  You will flourish.  So, my point?  Plant seeds my friend. Plant seeds in your kids.  Plant seeds in your friends.  Plant seeds in your clients and even plant seeds in the stranger sitting next to you. Find something kind to say and PLANT THAT SEED. You never know who or where your words will take root.[fap_playlist id=”47″ layout=”list” enqueue=”no” playlist_button=”Produced by Blak Whole Entertainment” auto_enqueue=”no” center=”no”]

Looking forward to having you visit again on Wednesday.  We will be talking about something a bit controversial – but you have to come back to see!  In the meantime, I would love to hear about the seed that has been planted in you and how we can have that seed take root and grow to flourish in ways you only imagined.  Send me an email at info@jenslay.com; fb message at www.facebook.com/jenslayvisionary; send me a tweet at @jenslayvision or send me a comment from this page.

Believing in you,



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