08 Feb

Who is this Slay chick?

[agni_dropcap letter=”H” choice=”box”][/agni_dropcap]ey world! So with the thousands upon thousands of blogs out there I’m inviting you to come visit with me for a smile and maybe a laugh. Who am I? Some of you know me as one half of Pink Ink. Some of you know me as a professional in the London community. And some of you don’t know me at all. But that will soon change my friend!!

Let me introduce you to me! If you creep me on facebook or any of the other social media outlets, you will see that I love the stereotypical girly things – hair, makeup, and fashion. But more importantly I truly have a love for people and their inner core. You know, the place within that makes you who you are. Sometimes in life, you get lost and end up asking yourself – who the heck am I anyways? You are a caregiver, you are a professional, you are a sister, you are a brother, you are an aunt, you are an uncle, you are a friend, you are, you are, you are…

Well guess what you can be all of that and more! There is no one role that truly defines you. You are made up of all of your roles. To truly be happy in this life, you have to be what makes you happy and if you are happy making six figures and being a business mogul – go for it! If you are happy supporting your partner in their success go for it! You do you. That’s my advice. Do you! But while you are on that journey, just know that I’d love to tag along!!! What you can expect from me is brutal honesty to your burning questions about life (my opinion only) and my constant encouragement that you can do and be whatever your mind will allow you to imagine. Believe that!

Till next time – slay on (see what I did there with my name – slay as in combat as in you can do it!! Yes, I’m corny – it’s my charm).


jen profile pic
Funny story about this pic – Love this pic. An amazing photographer took it – Kamini from Silent Poetry. Anyways, it was summer time and I was wearing a sleeveless outfit. The pose makes it look like I’m nude. I’m not. I’m wearing clothes. So don’t worry, you did not come to an x-rated blog site. Just thought I’d reassure you – lol


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